Entrant: Adept Ltd

Product: IR Platform - Over-patient work surface for Neurovascular and Interventional Radiology


2019 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDEDBest Consumer Product - Highly Commended



Category 2 - Best Consumer Product 

Client: Adept Ltd
Designer: Adept Ltd
Manufacturer: Adept Ltd

Many modern interventions such as Heart Valve Replacement require access through the Femoral artery due to the size of the devices. Management of wires, stents, and devices, which can exceed 2.5 metres in length, is difficult resting on a patient’s legs. The IR Platform provides a stable, large work surface quickly and accurately positioned to suit any patient. Designed, in collaboration with Medical Interventionalists, and Tooled, Injection Moulded, and Carbon Fibre Composite Manufactured entirely by Adept in Auckland.

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