Entrant: EPL

Product: Biodegradable Wine Net Clip 


2019 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDED2019 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDEDBest Environmental Product - Highly Commended
Best Supplier Partnership - Highly Commended


Category 4 - Best Environmental Product
Category 9 - Best Supplier Partnership

Client: EPL & SCION
Designer: EPL
Tool Designer: EPL
Tool Manufacturer: EPL
Raw Material Supplier: SCION
Manufacturer: EPL

The renewable, biodegradable net clip developed for the viticulture industry addresses an emerging environmental problem: The accumulation of non-degrading littler of broken net clips in vineyards and generation of microplastic pollution. The solution is a clip made of biodegradable polymers and renewable additives. The short-life, single-use product now has an appropriate end of life – it degrades! A new, additional sustainable practice for an industry that relies on brand profile.

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