Entrant: Adept Ltd

Product: Armsure - Arm support and immobilization with radiation shielding


2019 Design Awards HIGHLY COMMENDEDBest Consumer Product - Highly Commended



Category 2 - Best Consumer Product 

Client: Adept Ltd
Designer: Adept Ltd
Manufacturer: Adept Ltd

Adept Medical has designed an arm immobilisation system for Interventional Radiology and Cardiology procedures using Femoral artery access. As patients are normally sedated rather than fully anaesthetised it is possible for the patients hands to access and compromise the sterile field requiring a complete restart of the procedure.

Adept Medical’s “ArmSure” gently and efficiently secures the patients arm. Using high-performance Polycarbonate/PBT alloy and durable polyurethane straps, the ArmSure has been designed and manufactured for radiolucency where required and chemical resistance to harsh disinfectants for a long product life. The Carbon fibre and lead composite shield provides X-Ray protection for a complete arm immobilisation system.

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