The New Zealand Plastics Industry is a highly innovative, versatile and unique Industry. It is a Is a critical “enabler” for key sectors in the New Zealand economy specialising in Agriculture (including Horticulture, Aquaculture & Viticulture), Construction, Medical, Engineering, Industrial Componentry, Technology, Packaging, Homewares & Appliance Sectors.


Characteristics of the New Zealand Plastics Industry:

  • Does not manufacture plastic raw material (with exception of small amount of bioplastics)
  • Imports all plastic raw materials in granular or sheet form, mainly from Asia and North America
  • Has revenues of around $2 billion
  • Has over 300 Plastics Companies
  • Employs greater than 9,000 with an ongoing commitment to upskill, train and develop people
  • Converted 229,099 tonnes of raw plastic into products in 2022


  • LDPE & HDPE is commonly used for Film, Packaging & Pipe applications
  • Polypropylene (PP) usage has grown rapidly and is predicted to be the next main viable material for commujnity and kerbside recycling
  • PVC is mainly used in the Agricultural and Construction sections
  • Less than 1% of waste produced during the manufacturing process is sent to landfill
  • Products produced are split 60% Packaging, 40% Other
  • Packaging is split 60% Rigid, 40% Flexible

 Data and facts regarding waste in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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