13 Aug

Plastics New Zealand does not want to see plastic pellets (sometimes called nurdles), the raw material of our industry, ending up in the sea and on beaches. 

12 Aug

Your next PNZ Newsletter has arrived!! Industry Design Awards, Keep NZ Beautiful, New Members, Strategy for the Future and more......

12 Aug

NZ Government proposes a ban on all single use plastic bags under 50 micron.

01 Aug

Take the opportunity to put something back into your local environment. A great team building exercise and something your staff will feel proud to be a part of

28 Jul

'Not all plastic is evil' - plastic bags may be more environmentally friendly than some alternatives

12 Jul

The Parliamentary Commissioner of the Environment Simon Upton today realeased a statement and some resources on biodegradable and compostable plastics in the environment.

11 Jul

Plastics New Zealand is pleased to welcome a number of new Members to the Association

05 Jul

Recycled polystyrene on the rise as quick cost-effective option for aiding construction

04 Jul

Entries Now Open!! Showcase your Innovation & Success at the new look NZ Plastics Industry Design Awards. 

19 Jun

Your next PNZ Newsletter has arrived!! 2018 Conference Roundup,  Members Material Exchange, H&S News and more......

05 Jun

Twelve NZ based companies have committed to using 100 per cent recyclable packaging by 2025.

31 May

The flow-on impact of China's recycling ban has been bigger than our industry expected, prompting the launch of a new taskforce.

28 May

The European Union (EU) is proposing new EU-wide rules to target 10 single -use plastic products causing marine litter

24 May

MBIE have sought industry response to their proposal to create a Research & Development tax incentive.

24 May

Are compostable bags actually helping the environment?

23 May

Are paper and reusable bags any better? The answer, as it often is when it comes to environmental impacts, is that it depends.

07 May

Plastics NZ has set up a member-only exchange service to help you find a home for engineering plastics production waste. This can reduce your landfill costs.

13 Dec

Your next PNZ Newsletter has arrived!! The latest H & S News, Industry Obituaries, KNZB awards, Seasons Greetings and more....

13 Dec

Your next PNZ Newsletter has arrived!! The latest news on the 2018 Annual Conference, New Years Honours, Energy, Employment legislation and more......

02 Aug

Flight Plastics has opened New Zealand's first state of the art PET Recycling Plant

30 Jul

Bonson Industrial Co Ltd in Auckland, have made changes worth more than $37,000 in energy savings after receiving a new one-day energy efficiency training course through Plastics New Zealand.

29 May

China’s three-month-old import action has stalled shipments of some recovered plastics

26 May

Plastics Industry call to recycle building offcuts

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