Plastics are valuable materials that should be recycled rather than disposed of to landfill.

There are four options available at the end of a plastic product's life:

  • mechanical recycling;
  • chemical recycling;
  • energy recovery;
  • and landfill.

24% of plastic packaging is now being diverted through private and public recycling operations. This recycling rate increased by 46% since 2003. However plastic that is not being recycled typically ends up in the landfill in New Zealand.

Discarding plastics as rubbish represents a waste of a valuable resource that can be segregated from the total waste stream to create sustainable recycled resins.

Recycling is a way every individual can help the environment every day - and it is easier to do than it has ever been.

Why Bother to Recycle?


  • Conserves resources, including non-renewable raw materials,
  • Reduces the need for landfill space and the costs of landfill
  • Reduces energy consumption because using recycled resins typically means less energy is needed than with virgin plastic
  • Creates new markets and products; which
  • Creates employment opportunities.




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