Greenlea Premier Meats is a family owned and operated business that traces its roots to the New Zealand east coast town of Gisborne. As a business, they understand their responsibility to their employees, communities, farmers, and the planet.

As part of their journey to meet this responsibility, they decided to investigate how they could minimise the impact of their packaging. A Phase 1 ‘Discovery’ project was co-funded through CircularConnect.

GreenleaWorking with Allan Birch from Tadpole consulting, they conducted a comprehensive packaging audit to identify if and where changes could be made. One of the challenges faced when dealing with food packaging is navigating regulations. It was important for Greenlea to maintain food safety and performance criteria. More complex packaging formats are often needed to ensure perishable items are well sealed and protected. This can mean that packaging materials are non-recyclable. Luckily, circularity isn’t all about recycling!

"We started by understanding local customs and laws, along with the market landscape for plastic packaging where we export to," says Julie McDade, Greenlea’s Business Development Manager. "We then gathered data to group our packaging and pinpoint where to focus." Through the audit, they were able to identify where plastic packaging could be reduced without compromising quality.

The work completed resulted in actionable changes to minimise the amount of plastic in use, as well as providing insights into opportunities for further research. An excellent outcome!

CircularConnect co-funding is available for projects like these (and more!) until June ’24. Whether you don’t know where to begin, or you’ve had an idea that you’d like to explore further, CircularConnect can support your and your business in advancing towards a circular economy for plastics. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

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